Cochran Lodge No. 271 Ancient, Free & Accepted Masons

Over 120 years of Freemasonry in The Plains Virginia.

The Elected, And Appointed Officers Of Cochran Lodge No. 271

Elected Officers (2020)

Elected by the Lodge members

Worshipful Master: Ned Mamula, PDDGM.

Senior Warden: Matthew R. Mosley

Junior Warden: Timothy H. Winther, PM

Senior Deacon: Thomas L. Munday

Junior Deacon: Gordon D. Wood

Secretary: Paul Lawrence, PM

Treasurer: Shawn E. Morgal, PM

Officer of Cochran Lodge No. 271 enlarge

Appointed Officers

Appointed by the Worshipful Master

Senior Steward: TBA

Junior Steward: TBA

Chaplain: Andrew B. Clubb, PM

Marshal: Kirko D. Kirkov

Musician: TBA

Tiler: Karel Eekels, PM


Appointed by the Worshipful Master

Lodge Instructor of Work: Gary W. Liebo, PM

Lodge Educational Officer: Ned Mamula, PDDGM

Lodge Blood Coordinator: TBA

Lodge Masonic Home Ambassador: TBA

Funerals: TBA

Community Relations: Gary W. Liebo, PM

Sick and Distressed: TBA

Liaison to Kena Shriners: Paul Lawrence, PM

Liaison to Alexandria Scottish Rite: Ned Mamula, PDDGM

Widows: Marc Kolenko

Photographer: William J. Baumbach II, PM

Webmaster: William J. Baumbach II, PM


Elected by the Lodge members, 3-year term.

2018 - 2020 - Timothy H. Winther, PM

2019 – 2021 - R. Paul Lawrence, PM

2020-2022 - Gary W. Liebo, PM