dues-cardTo pay your dues by credit card, select which year dues you are paying, enter your Lodge membership number, and click the "Pay Now" button.

Select year paying:
Enter your member number:
(Optionally enter your member ID number, which is located on your dues card.) 

Lodge dues are $130.00 plus Grand Lodge assessments $45.00.
Annual dues are $175.00 per year. $175 plus 2.9% & 30 cents = $180.54.
$70 must accompany the petition, (of which $20 is a non-refundable fee for a background check) $50 for the Entered Apprentice Degree. (1st Degree EA) $100 for the Fellowcraft Degree. (2nd Degree FC) $100 for the Master Masons Degree. (3rd Degree MM) $250 total to receive all three degrees, plus $20 for the background check.


Your can make a donation to the Lodge to be used for a Lodge charity of your choosing. For example: Lodge building fund, Masonic Home of Virginia or other. During checkout you can use the notes field to specify how you would like your donation applied.

*About fees...

The Lodge pays a credit card processing fee of 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction, the total payment includes these fees. As of 2015 $175.00 plus fees of $5.54 Total $180.54.


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